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43.Family crest of Honda Tadakatsu

Standing wild ginger ("Aoi")


Family crest of Honda Tadakatsu


The Honda family used the family crest of "Aoi", the same as the Tokugawa family.
A standing wild ginger (Aoi) is drawn here, which is different from Futaba Aoi plant for No. 34 Tokunaga.


Why did the Honda family use the family crest of Aoi?

  • Aoi was used for family crests of the Tokunaga clan who took governmental control during Edo period.
  • Other feudal lords were prohibited from using Aoi for their family crests, except for Honda Tadakatsu, Tokunaga Ieyasu’s vassal who was completely trusted by Tokunaga. Honda therefore was allowed to keep using Aoi for his family crest.


Castle's name that stamp this family crest

Okazaki castle(Aichi)
Ootaki castle(Chiba)
Shirakawa-komine castle(Fukushima)