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42.Family crest of Hosokawa Tadaoki

9 stars


Family crest of Hosokawa Tadaoki


9 stars appear in Ancient Hindu astrology, and it found its way into Japan with the teaching of Buddha.

What's the star at the center of the nine stars?

  • The nine stars are said to originally be based on the idea of astrology based on ancient Indian astronomy.
  • According to the ancient Indian astrology, the big star in the center represents Saturn. The idea is different from the modern geocentric theory of planets orbiting the sun.
  • Ancient India is also the birthplace of Buddhism. Therefore, along with the introduction of Buddhism, the idea of astrology was introduced into Japan.


Castle's name that stamp this family crest

・Kumamoto castle(Kumamoto) 
・Kokura castle(Fukuoka)
*There are many kinds of Gojoin for Kokura Castle. One of them is the Gojoin of Tadaoki Hosokawa, the first lord of Kokura castle.