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36.Family crest of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

(Hideyoshi original version)  

It's on the left.

Original Toyotomi family crest used paulownia for its design.
However, only Hideyoshi of the Toyotomi family used the original version after the unification of Japan.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

portrait of Toyotomi Hideyoshi


Paulownia leaves & flowers


 It's on the right.

Paulownia leaves & flowers are drawn here.
This family crest was awarded by The Emperor to the governor who historically gained control over the government. Today, this design is used for the coat of arms of Japanese Prime Minister.

Castle's name that stamp this family crest

・Inuyama castle(Aichi)
・Nagahama castle(Shiga)
・Hachimanyama castle(Shiga)
・Jurakudai castle(Kyoto)

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