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29.Family crest of Takeda Shingen

Rhombus divided into 4 pieces



Takeda Shingen

portrait of Takeda Shingen


The rhombus shape came from a fruit of aquatic plant called “hishi”. This family crest has a design of a rhombus that is further cut into 4 pieces.

 Drying the "Hishi can be a weapon for ninja?

  • "Hishi" has been native to Japan since ancient times."Makibishi" is one of the weapons of ninja. Actually, it is dried "Hishi fruit".


    "Makibishi" is a weapon that ninja scatter on the ground when they run away.For example, it is shaped like a tetrapot. The tip is a sharp thorn. Therefore, even if you throw it casually, you will always get a splinter on the top.


    Japanese shoes in the past were made of straw. This allowed the ninja to escape from the enemy because the fireball penetrated his foot and injured him.


a fruit of aquatic plant called “hishi”

weapon for ninja called "makibishi"


Castle's name that stamp this family crest

Iwabitsu castle(Gumma)
・Suwahara castle(Shizuoka)
・Takatenjin castle(Shizuoka)
・Takane castle(Shizuoka)
・Komiya castle(Aichi)

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