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26.Family crest of Sanada Masayuki

6 coins("Rokumonsen")




Design with 6 coins arranged in rows. Back then coins were placed inside a coffin based on a Buddhism belief you would need coins to go to the other world.

What is "Rokumonsen" ?

  • A boat fare to travel across Sanzu River that divides this world from the other world was said to be 6 coins, and this traditional custom is still very much valid today.
  • However, today paper with coins printed on it is placed inside a zuta bag (made with fabric), which is then placed inside a coffin.


Castle's name that stamp this family crest

・Ueda castle(Nagano)
・Matsushiro castle(Nagano)
・Numata castle(Gumma)
・Iwabitsu castle(Gumma)
・Nagurumi castle(Gumma)

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