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21.Family crest of Kobayakawa Takakage

Triple yin yang ("tomoe")




Tomoe is a design inspired by protective gears that archers wore.
Watch out for a similar design for No. 49 Yuki family crest.This design has a bigger circle than the one in No. 49 Yuki’s family crest design.


What is Triple yin yang ("tomoe") ?

  • Since it also looks like a whirlpool, one general from Sengoku period who wished for safe sea condition while he expanded his activity range at sea, adapted this design in his family crest. The Kobayakawa navy also took central role of the Mori navy during Takakage’s time. Takakage was the third son of Mori Motonari, and later became adopted into the Kobayakawa family, and carried on the family name.


Castle's name that stamp this family crest

・Okayama castle(Okayama)
・Mihara castle(Hiroshima)
・Niitakayama castle(Hiroshima)

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