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7.Family crest of
Ikeda Tsuneoki/Terumasa

Butterfly resting its wings
(Ikeda Tsuneoki)

family crest on the left side
Family crest of Ikeda Tsuneoki/Terumasa

While many Japanese family crests have abstract designs, this one with a butterfly has a delicate & elegant design.

What is family crest with Butterfly?

  • Kiyomori Taira, the first person in Japan to establish samurai government, first used this prestigious family crest in early 12th century. Family crests with butterfly had been used by families to show they are the descendants of the Taira family.


Castle's name that stamp this family crest

・Tottori castle(Tottori)
・Yoshida castle(Aichi)


Butterfly with open wings
 (Ikeda Terumasa)


family crest on the right side

A swallowtail butterfly flapping its wings is drawn in this family crest. The Ikeda family was the first to start using this original design.That's why it is also called Ikeda butterfly.

Castle's name that stamp this family crest

・Okayama castle(Okayama)

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